Story of a Sweater



Just a year into knitting and I decided to take on the challenge.. Knit myself a sweater! those who know me well should realize how enthusiastic I am to start a new project – a few days in and I look like a lost lamb 😦

In this case, i love the project at hand but can’t fathom where the time flies, two months since I started and i’m yet to finish the length; sleeves come in later too..

Have tons of other projects lined up; some stranded halfway to be finished later and lots of ideas floating around.. Giving myself a deadline of this week to finish it off and be done with.. would love to be able to wear it this season.. and ofcourse flaunt it off too 😀

Wish me luck my friends, I ought to be back soon with the finished garment.. fingers crossed!



Up, Close and Personal…



I’ve finally mustered enough courage to enter the alluring world of blogging; its been on my to-do-list for quite sometime while my near and dear ones have been prompting me to take the plunge – so here I am, finally!

It being my first post, I’ll keep it simple – colors fascinate me, so does music, poetry, fiction n people, not necessarily in the same order! my passions include food, photography, reading, music and anything woolly! 

My blog; my treasure cover, will be host to various projects that I undertake and I’ll try to blog as often as I can.. 

Till next time,